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Kizomba dance classes

With Adriano e Genevieve

Kizomba Group classes are a great way to meet new people, learn more about your body, express your creativity, connect with yourself and others and HAVE FUN.

Kizomba is truly a healing dance, it can bring a new level of joy, balance and peace into your dancing and into your life.

Adriano e Genevieve teach Kizomba in the heart of Sydney! Visit their website for more information...


Private classes 

+ Ladies Kizomba

With Genevieve

Whether you are taking your first Kizomba steps, or have been dancing for many years, Genevieve's wealth of experience and passion for Kizomba will allow you to take your dancing to the next level. You will feel safe and nurtured as you go further into your Kizomba journey! 

Genevieve Also specialises in body movement and ladies Kizomba. You can organise a SoulDance class for you and a group of friends, or private classes for up two women per class. This can be a great way to hone in on body movement, improve your following and discover your style. 

Genevieve teaches at various locations all over Sydney. Get in touch to find a class that suits you. 



with Genevieve

SoulDance is a special concept created by Genevieve. It is a class tailorable to diverse class groups.

The aim is to make dancing accesible to everyone. She combines African dances and rhythms with corporal awareness and classical technique to create a safe, diverse and exciting new dance class for absolutely anyone who wants to move. 

Genevieve teaches SoulDance for women, mums with bubs, mums with kids, seniors, and yoga students. 

Classes available all over Sydney. 

What is Kizomba?


Kizomba is a beautiful partner dance which was born on the streets of Luanda, Angola in the 1970's. Kizomba sprung from its mother dance, Semba. Semba is a playful partner dance also from Angola, whose rhythm inspired the closer, more connected dance of Kizomba.

Since then the world has fallen in love with Kizomba. Lisbon, Portugal was the first city to make a new Kizomba home, and since then it has literally danced it's way across the globe.

Genevieve and Adriano are brining the beautiful connection and community of Kizomba to Sydney, Australia!

 Kizomba is. LADIES WHO LEAD


 Kizomba is. COMMUNITY 

Kizomba is. COMMUNITY 

 Kizomba is. PARTY

Kizomba is. PARTY

Group classes with Adriano e Genevieve 


You will never know if Kizomba is for you unless you give it a try. Adriano e Genevieve create a nurturing, fun vibe in their group dance classes every Tuesday evening at Q2 dance studios (Paddington RSL, Sydney). Their classes bring the roots, foundations and flavour of Kizomba, with a heavy focus on connection and creativity. There is something for everyone. Interested to try it out? Check out their Timetable and class packages below. 

Want to send a Kizomba Gift to a friend? Check out the Group class Gift packs. 

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Ladies Kizomba?


Genevieve is a body movement and ladies Kizomba specialist. You can contact Genevieve to organise private classes for yourself, for you and a girlfriend, or even a special group class for special event etc. Genevieve teaches body movement, styling, corporal awareness and expression, ladies steps, following technique, and for ladies who wish to learn to lead, this is also possible. 

She creates a safe, fun and creative environment for you to discover movement possibilities in your body you didn't even know existed! You will get a great core workout at the same time, and leave the class feeling like a dancing goddess. 



Private classes


Genevieve offers private classes to men, women and couples. Private classes are a great option if you are looking to start Kizomba and don't know where to begin. If you have been dancing for a while and want to take your dance to the next level. If you are looking for specific coaching for performance, teaching etc, or if you prefer to learn in a one on one environment.

Genevieve has an extensive technical dance background, and a wealth of Kizomba knowledge including Kizomba, Semba, Urban, Tarraxinha, and tarraxao styles. Whether you are looking to improve your lead, follow, body movement or style, some private classes will take you to the next stage. 

 Student Choreo teams

Student Choreo teams

 Orixas show with Andy Fernandes

Orixas show with Andy Fernandes

 Ladies Collab with Hannah Melder, Liz Golden and Anarah

Ladies Collab with Hannah Melder, Liz Golden and Anarah



SoulDance is a unique dance class concept created by Genevieve. SoulDance combines African and latin rhythms and dances with technical body movement and balance excursuses to create a class that is fun for everyone.

SoulDance is designed to provide a healing and playful dance experience for people who may not usually attend a dance class. Check out the options below, or email -, to book a SoulDance class for you and your community group. 

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