Our Mission


Our mission is to empower people from every walk of life to DANCE. At DancingChange we believe that dancing is a natural medicine! Dancing is proven to relieve tension, reduce stress, increase cognitive function and amplify feelings of joy and ecstasy. We want everyone to experience this in their lifetime.

At DancingChange we understand that dancing can be intimidating for some, but we know the secret to dancing happiness. We know that there is no such thing as two left feet! Using holistic teaching methodologies DancingChange works to unlock mental or emotional barriers allowing each person to dance beyond their comfort zone.

At DancingChange we believe in giving back. We know it is a privilege to learn how to dance, and we want every child and adult to have this privilege. At DancingChange you can sponsor a dance class ! Your donation will go directly to the Light Dance Project in Colombia, a non for profit dance school which helps troubled youth stay off the street by teaching them to dance, and training them as professional dancers and teachers.

We are always looking to expand our circle of influence. If you know of a dance school aligned with our interests who is in need of sponsorship please contact us.


Bio ~ The Journey


Genevieve became entranced by the world of movement at age 3 when she started classical ballet. Genevieve studied and competed in the styles of ballet, lyrical, Jazz and contemporary throughout her entire teenage life.  In 2011 she completed her professional full time performance studies at ED5International (Aus) expanding her repertoire to include musical theatre, cabaret, hip hop and acting. After graduation a disenchantment with the competitive nature of the commercial dance industry led her to South America. Genevieve's continued travels to South America and West Africa have allowed her unique training and performance opportunities in the styles of samba, salsa, axe, sabar, djembe, cabaret and burlesque. During her time in Sydey Genevieve performed professionally for 5 years with latin dance companies, La Fiesta Entertainment, Latino Fever, Mystique dancers and more. Later on her travels to India and Nepal sparked a fascination with alternative movement modalities, dance healing practice and meditation. During her time in Nepal Genevieve studied Osho’s dancing meditation modality and fell completely in love with the practice. 

In 2015 Genevieve moved to Bogota, Colombia where she danced with Afro contemporary company Zarabana, and later discovered her passion for Kizomba. She trained intensively with Light Dance Project in Bogota, specialising in Kizomba and Semba.  Since 2015 Genevieve has taught and performed in numerous Kizomba festivals across Australia and Colombia. 

Genevieve is the founder of Australia’s only ladies Kizomba company “Fogo e Ouro” (fire and gold). F&O have received 1st and 2nd place at the Sydney International Afro Kizomba Festival for their work’s “Just Follow” and “Goddess”.  Together they have also performed their work “Gaia” at the Byron Bay Latin Fiesta. Genevieve has spent the past 4 years developing her creative teaching methodologies and unique dance style. She is a specialist in ladies kizomba, Kizomba, Kizomba fusion and has created her own methodology “SoulDance”. SoulDance is a method which uses the cycles of the Elements and a varied array of dance styles to allow the dancer to come into contact with their true nature. 

Genevive has trained in the “Secretos Del Alma” method of teaching in Colombia, learning corporeal awareness and emotional healing through kizomba. She also completed her Kizomba and Semba teachers training certificates In lisbon Portugal. Moreover, Genevieve is also trained in shamanic healing and dance, a background which led to her work in DancingMedicine.  

Genevieve is currently offering DancingMedicine sessions, one one one healing sessions which use dance and energy medicine to relieve emotional and energetic blocks in the body, as well as calling in more of one's own light energy. For the lovers of Kizomba she offers “Kizomba Medicina” a 12 week one on one program to unlayer and relayer the energy body through kizomba. 

All of Genevieve’s work is centralised around the idea of connecting people to dance as a source of natural healing medicine. By coming into contact with oneself at a deeper level through dance we can transform our inner and outer world. Self love, embodiment, pleasure, joy, connection, and transformation are the tools throughout all of her work.





LatinoFever company (2012-2013)

La Fiesta Ent (2013-2017)

The Full Brazillian SBS (2013)   

Mystique Dancers (2017)

Sabar Workshop, Yoff, Senegal (2014)        

Zarabana Company, Bogota, Colombia (2015)  






Light Dance Project Company, Bogota, Colombia (2015)   

Australian Kizomba Festival, Melbourne (2016)  

Byron Bay Latin Festival (2016)

Bailar Kizomba Festival (2017)

Africultures Festival (2017)                                                      

Sydney International Afro Kizomba Festival (2017)

Kibazouk Bogota, Colombia (2017)



OPTUS Commercial (2012)

The Grandmothers (2013)

The Full Brazilian SBS (2013)

RIOT ABC Documentary (2017) 

Friday On My Mind  ABC series (2017)



Redken Chromatics launch (2012)    

GenNext, Redken (2012)

    ITSAWAR (2012)

      Poise Designs (2013)    

           Mitta Studio (2014)

      Human Statue Bodyart (2014)                                        David Bonnell (2016-2018)






"Two left feet (well sort of) - dancing does not come naturally to me but having spent two years learning Salsa the team at Latin Junction had a taster session of Kizomba (with Genevieve and Armand) and I love it.

Not wanting to be left behind I had some private lessons with Genevieve and it really accelerated my learning to the extent that I could comfortably slot into Andy and Gen's intermediate classes (at Connection Studios) and now 'gulp' only a few months in and I'm going to do my first ever (dancing) performance.

I can't thank Gen enough for encouraging me to give Kiz a go, start regular classes and now get up on a stage. Her teaching style is amazing and intuitive - I could not recommend her enough to either a lead or follow. 
Well worth the money and you can learn and laugh all at the same time." -


"The private I had with Genevieve was absolutely amazing! Being relatively new to Kizomba and having no past dancing experience, I was struggling to get the bunda going. 
I can happily say that after working with Genevieve, the bunda is going strong and I'm feeling a lot more confident in my dancing. Thanks Gen!!"


"I took some classes with Genevieve in late 2017, and she helped fill in a lot of the my missing knowledge in the fundamentals of kizomba. I enjoyed her teaching style, her dance style and classes. She is somebody who I know is teaching for her love of dance, and is continually evolving as a teacher and dancer. Check out her classes."


"Highly recommend going to Genevieve to learn body movement! I was able learn a lot with her in just one hour with her friendly, patient and easy to understand approach."