Group classes 

with Adriano e Genevieve


Adriano and Genevieve are excited to share their knowledge and passion for Kizomba with you through their Group classes. Group classes are a great way to meet new people, learn more about your body, express your creativity, connect with yourself and others and HAVE FUN. Kizomba is truly a healing dance, it can bring a new level of joy, balance and peace into your dancing and into your life. Check out the list of group classes on offer below. 



Tuesday 7.30pm


This is authentic Kizomba, we teach Angolan Kizomba with a focus on connection and musicality. Beginners and old time students alike are welcome to Kizomba 1. Kizomba 1 is a 16 week syllabus of Kizomba fundamentals, running in 4 week terms. You will learn the culture, history, basic steps and feeling of the dance. Kizomba is all about the fundamentals, so try out Kizomba 1 to get those basics flowing and grounded.  



Thursday 7.30pm


Kizomba 2 is for intermediate students who have their basic Kizomba fundamentals down. This is a 16 week Syllabus run in 4 week blocks. Kizomba 2 is by application only to maintain a distinct level in our classes. In this course we focus on more complicated turn patterns, musicality, expression and technique. To register for level 2 please contact Adriano e Genevieve via email or Facebook. 



Tuesday 6.30pm


Semba, Semba, Semba! The mother of Kizomba, and one of the most joyful dances on the planet! Semba is a playful, upbeat partner dance which gave birth to the Kizomba we know and love .Semba 1 is a 16 week syllabus taught in 4 week terms. What better way to improve your Kizomba than to learn its main influential dance! Semba brings out an exhilarating feeling in your body that cannot be described, you will have to come and check it out for yourself. 



Tuesday 8.30pm





Thursday 8.30pm


Tarraxinha, the subtle art of connection and creativity through body movement. There is more to this dance than meets the eye. In our 16 week syllabus we teach basics of body movement, as well as traditional Tarraxinha, and the more modern Tarraxao. Want to float off into a bubble of connection and beautiful musicality? This is class for you! 


Kizomba fusion is our take on Urbankiz. This is a non traditional twist on kizomba, We incorporate all of the influences we love from other genres, without neglecting the roots of Kizomba. This class is a lot of fun and suitable for more intermediate dancers. We experiment with body movement and have a heavy focus on musicality. Let your create side run free with Kizomba fusion. 


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