Feel the fire of goddess Pele in your belly as you learn the Hawaiian Hula with Jocy!


I started studying the Polynesian culture at the early age of two. Through my career, my training has been guided by recognised award-winning teachers from Hawaii and Tahiti such as Keali’i Ceballos and Makau Foster. I have obtained over thirty national and international awards including the overall medal of several competitions. In 2015 a selection of the 12 best soloists took place in Mexico; of which I was considered in the top 3. I was also one of the first Mexican to participate in international productions with groups from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hawaii, California and Tahiti.


I have given dance seminars, costume workshops and participated as a judge in solo and group competitions around the world. I have trained more than twenty international award-winning solo dancers. As a group, they are overall winners in Mexico in both Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing styles. My students have been selected to participate in international productions.
My teaching method for professional dancers includes five to eight hours of training on a weekly basis. The profile of my students includes full command of Ori Tahiti and Hula dancing; and good expertise on Maori, Rapanui, Samoan and Cook Island styles. In addition, the provided training includes other fundamental skills such as musical instrument proficiency, use of Poi, traditional chants and elaboration of their own dancing costumes with vegetation and natural materials.


I have carried out over twenty-five winning productions; of which ten of these have achieved an overall award. In 2011 I spent eight months in Las Vegas choreographing and training Cirque Du Soleil’s dancer Wassa Coulibaly, from the show Zumanity. I have also directed a range of productions presented in the most renowned venues of Mexico, including Miguel Covarrubias Concert Hall. In 2016 I took my group to New Delhi, India; to perform at UNESCO’s International Ethnic Folklore Festival. This was the first event in which a Mexican academy was selected to represent the Polynesian cultures at an overseas International Dance Festival.