GAIA - A story of reconnection to our natural essence


In the era of constant connection we have never been so disconnected from our natural essence. City life leaves us detatched from our bodies, running on emtpy we frantically march towards our goals. Frustrated and stressed we race towards the future, never breathing in the now. 

Our sacred self calls to us. A sense of calm and oneness enters our body as we reach the water. We remember we are water. Our fluid, emotional bodies dance, wiser than our overthinking minds, we become one with our water self. 

Held in the arms of a tree, or called by the smell of fresh grass after rain, we remember to plant our feet on the earth. We remember that we are earth. As we stomp our feet to the kizomba beat, we are called home to our warrior selves. 

We are women, we are feminine and masculine united. We are earth and we are water. When we dance back to ourselves we support not only our self, but each other. 

This is GAIA.
Danced by ~ Fogo e Ouro ladies Kizomba student team 
Choreographed by ~ Genevieve Rogan 
Music by ~ Christophe Chris Doux DJ DB Chris
Costume design and styling by ~ Amanda Tantzaris 
Video by ~Andy Diep