Fogo e Ouro


Fogo e ouro 

Means Fire and Gold. These ladies are made of fire and have hearts of gold. They train hard, work as a team and are never afraid to push themselves beyond the realms of their comfort zone. 

Fogo E Ouro have presented the following works over the past two years

  • “Just Follow” - First place winners at the Sydney International Afro Kizomba Festival 2017

  • GAIA - A tribute to mother earth

  • We are currently working on our newest project “Goddess.”


Is a special choreography and teaching methodology. The work itself is an expression of feminine strength and divinity, the fullness of light and acceptance of darkness. This work follows the choices we make when we wake each day. When we can truly accept our own darkness and the shadow around us, we allow our light to shine brighter, and can be a force of unwavering light. This choreography is a celebration of the spirit and light within every woman.

If you would like to bring the “At first morning light” project to your city please contact below to receive information about the weekender immersion project for Thi work.

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