Creative Director / Choreographer / Performing Artist / Passista / Professora de Samba SAMBA INTERNACIONAL / RIO PROJEKT / AUSTRALIA SAMBA CONGRESS



Creative Director / Choreographer / Performing Artist / Passista / Professora de Samba SAMBA INTERNACIONAL / RIO PROJEKT / AUSTRALIA SAMBA CONGRESS

Sashya Jay is an internationally acclaimed Creative Director, Choreographer, Performing Artist, Professora de Samba and Passista in Rio’s top Samba league. Sashya is one of only four artists worldwide and the only Samba instructor in Australia officially accredited by Carlinhos Salgueiro (Rio’s King of Samba) to teach and represent his signature technique. Based between Sydney and Rio, Sashya is one of the most recognised Brazilian Samba artists in Australia.

Sashya is an official Passista (professional Samba performer) for three of Rio’s top Samba schools: Academicos do Salgueiro, Paraiso do Tuiuti and Império Serrano. She parades annually in the elite division of Rio Carnaval. Sashya is amongst the stellar line up of instructors at the annual Brasil Samba Congress in Rio de Janeiro and runs regular courses and workshops across Australia.

Sashya has choreographed an impressive array of stage shows as well as live and televised performances across Australia. She won the “Best Choreography” award at the Sydney Mardi Gras 2015 and Runner Up the following year. In 2016, Sashya also choreographed the Brazilian performances for the official “Welcome Home” events for the Australian Olympic Team in Sydney and Melbourne the half-time performance for the Cronulla Sharks “Rio Round” and worked with the Australian Olympic Committee on their official events for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Sashya has featured at major Brazilian events in Australia for over a decade, with nationally televised appearances on Channel 7, Channel 10, Channel 9 and shows such as The X Factor. She has also performed with renowned artists such as Carlinhos Salgueiro, Evelyn Bastos, Kellyn Rosa, Sergio Mendes, Jason Derulo, James Arthur, Todd McKenney and Chong Lim.


  • Globo Television (Brasil’s largest national TV network) interview and feature on Samba Internacional.

  • Globo Television interview and feature on Paraiso do Tuiuit for Rio Carnaval 2018.

  • Dancing With The Stars, Brasil filmed at Imperio Serrano in February 2018.

  • Rio Carnaval Champions parade 2018 with Paraiso do Tuiuti and Salgueiro.

  • Performances at the top league Samba schools including Salgueiro, Tuiuti, Imperio

    Serrano, Portela and Mocidade in 2017 and 2018.


  • Camilla With Love “From Rio With Love” 2017 fashion collection campaign.

  • Official Rio 2016 “welcome home” events for the Australian Olympic team.

  • Official “welcome home” celebrations for the Australian Paralympic Team.

  • Channel 7 “Road To Rio” 2016 coverage and events.

  • Australian Olympic team official Rio 2016 uniform unveiling.

  • Channel 7 national announcement of their media rights to the 2016 Olympics.

  • Channel 7 unveiling of the official FIFA World Cup 2014 Match Ball, The Adidas


  • Fox 8 launch of the The Adidas Brazuca.

  • Major print media across Australia for the Rio 2016 Olympic


Samba Internacional

Samba Internacional is an organisation dedicated to fostering the integrity of Brazilian Samba and Carnaval culture globally through annual tours to Brasil, a Samba school and Vlog. Samba Internacional has received high praise from the global Samba community and industry aficionados in Brasil for its outstanding work.

Australia Samba Congress

The Australia Samba Congress is a ground-breaking annual event for Brazilian Samba culture. The only event of its kind in Australia, the ASC is part of an international series of Samba congress events in Brasil, the USA and Canada. The Australia Samba Congress features two days of Brazilian dance workshops, legitimate cultural education and inspirational performances by eight of Brasil’s leading artists.

Rio Projekt

Based in Australia, Rio Projekt, is a performance ensemble of international artists and official Passistas from Rio Carnaval. Rio Projekt is in a unique position to present the top echelon of Brazilian show in Australia featuring highly accomplished performers who are regularly performing and working with the best of the best in Brasil. Not your everyday Brazilian show, Projekt’s performances are fierce, glamourous, authentic, edgy and on the pulse of Brasil’s ever evolving Samba culture.


Sashya has trained and studied with Brazil’s top artists and aficionados including Carlinhos Salgueiro, Evelyn Bastos, Alex Coutinho, Carlinhos de Jesus, Gabriel Castro, Rosangela Silvestre, Luana Bandieira, Kellyn Rosa, Mayara Lima, Patrick Carvalho da Silva, Vitor Art, Mayombe Masai, Uillana Adaes, Rafaela Bastos, Egili Oliveira, Millene Figueiredo, Carolane Silva, Rafaela Dias, Ana Lucia and Aninha Malandra, to name a few. She has also trained with a host of leading choreographers worldwide and her dance repertoire includes a variety of genres. In addition to Brasil and Australia, she has performed in various countries including Cuba, China and Fiji.

Sashya is also renowned for her extensive background in the music industry and as a promoter and tour manager working with artists such as Coldplay, Will.I.Am, The Roots, Pharrell Williams, John Legend, Kanye West, Beck, De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and U2 to name a few.