Sarine has been dancing since the age of 2 and started her dance training studying ballet, jazz and tap. In 2010 she completed her full-time Certificate IV in Performing Arts at Urban Dance Centre and has travelled Los Angeles, France and Australia learning and specialising in the styles of authentic Jamaican dancehall and afrobeat inspired cultural dances. Sarine's classes focuses on cultural understanding of the foundational dances and it's origins, as well as tuning in on movement quality and intricate musicality. Sarine's classes introduces dancers to a vocabulary which originates from social dancing.

Sarine aims to inspire and introduce the infectious joy that comes with the style dancehall and afrobeat, enabling students to find themselves in such free spirited movement. Sarine is known for her 10 week courses in the style of Dancehall and Afrobeat, known as the '10 Week Dancehall Intensives'. Sarine also has aBachelor of Dance and Physical Education with her Diploma in Teaching at the Australian College of Physical Education and also teaches the full-time students at Lee Academy on the Central Coast.