My mission is to celebrate life, the full spectrum. This is what the dance teaches and what we share as performers. Expressing all of life in all its authenticity touches those who resonate with truth. Dance is cross cultural and a divine expression of all human aspects. When we perform for an audience we take them on a journey. This journey we embark on is always unique to that precious moment in time. Dance elevates the human condition to experience a common connection to our tribe. Through the embodiment of dance we connect to the deepest parts of our being and express our uniques selves.

Celebration is an integral part of life and supports all the rites of passage we navigate along the terrain. When we come together we share with our people and we express our rhythm, the beat that moves our heart. We all have a heart that beats to it’s own rhythm and this is a common thread we all share…

Living in a multicultural world adds so much richness to the tapestry of life. Every region and people have their own style and expression. When we share this we all gain so much, the benefit is simply exponential. In sharing our folklore and mythology we tell stories that will be passed along the line. These days it’s more online, but anyway as long as these treasures stay alive, that is the true value.


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