Saying ‘NO’ in the entertainment Industry

The part of the deal which we often forget is the deal we have with ourselves. In many cases we do not get sick pay, annual leave, or any kind of benefit associated with more regular working contracts. ‘The show must go on’, has been tattooed into our subconscious, so usually getting sick is simply not an option. How many stories have you heard of dancers and artists performing ridiculous jobs even with serious injury or illness? Maybe we just love the drama of it? Or maybe it’s time to engage the power of our ‘no’.

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Change Your Dancing Through Feedback

Feedback is an amazing tool in our quest to improve our dancing. When we receive comments about what we’re doing well, what’s not working, or what we should try to change, it provides us with direction.

Photography: JS Almonte

Author- Rachel Cassandra

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The female Kizomba artist

The reality is this perception of the female kizomba artist could not be further from the truth. In a truly beautiful and synchronised kizomba dance both partners are 100% invested. Each person is giving 100% of their energy, and both people are receiving the other person’s energy. They are a harmonious team, representing yin and yang, lead and follow, invitation and response, to create something that looks and feels like real kizomba connection and artistry.

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Did you just grab my ..... ??

It’s a weeknight, you wander into your local club for your after work dance fix. Inside the dimly lit rooms the sweet sounds of salsa emerge, erasing the stories from that mid afternoon meeting. You slide into your dance shoes and let loose for a while. When you feel yourself getting into your happy dance bubble you saunter into the smaller, steamier room to get your kizomba and bachata fix for the night

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