Dear dancer

Dear dancer, 

please dance with me,

not at me, 

please ask me, 

don’t tell me, 

each feather light suggestion, 

of your arms, your chest, your breath, 

opens up countless roads, 

you couldn’t see were there, 

because I hear the music too,

it dances in my veins,

as it does with you. 


Dear dancer, 

provide me some lines, 

and let me dance outside them, 

let me make patterns with my body, 

that curve, and break, and pop, and sway, 

please don’t paint by numbers,

dance is not made this way.


Dear dancer, 

please paint me a song with your movement, 

let me hear the instruments marked out, 

beneath your feet, 

dear dancer, 

please don’t worry if you get caught up,

and miss a beat. 


Dear dancer,

please don’t say sorry, 

there are no mistakes here, 

if I don’t follow you, 

please don’t tense up in fear.


Dear dancer,

please get to know me first, 

take a moment to just connect, 

if you feel me start to take the reins, 

remember, I too am here to express, 


Dear dancer, 

let us dance together, 

let us both give in equal parts, 

I will happily come along. 

and let your story unfold, 

but, dear dancer, please listen, 

as my story too is told. 


Dear dancer, 

let the music lead us, 

into our floaty space, 

where we can dance as one, 

in the Kizomba embrace. 


~Genevieve Rogan 2017 ~

~Photography - David Bonnell ~