The ONE Student ...

I want to tell you about some of the things you don’t see on Social Media. I want to talk about the behind the scenes life of your dance teacher, whoever that may be.

Last week I rocked up to teach my advanced class after a small break, and had only 2 students. The pessimist in me had a small moment of disappointment. The usual voice of questioning about the quality of my classes crept in, and was quickly thwarted by my higher voice. She was more than grateful for the two beautiful women who had showed up for class. It was a beautiful class, I saw breakthroughs in both of their dancing and an evolution in the way they expressed themselves. As I left my higher voice reminded me that 2 is better than 0, and until there is 0 I should not give up and I should keep teaching. When I teach dance I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose, and there is no greater feeling than that, so of course I could keep going until there was 0.

Saturday morning came and I prepared for my early open class. I arrived at the studio and found that no one had come to class.This was the first time this had ever happened.  To my surprise the pessimist did not have even a moment to make its appearance. As I looked at myself in the mirror of the empty studio a voice so loud, and so firm rang in my ears. It said,

“There is still one student here.”

I actually laughed out loud. The voice was right, there was one student here. In every person we hold both the teacher and the student within us at all times. When we forget to become the student, inspiration dies. I am a big believer in the saying “you attract where you are”. So I took the golden hour of studio time to have a very confronting training session with myself. As I moved to the music I asked myself many questions, and came to the answers I needed.

3 years ago I fell madly in love with Kizomba. The love was all consuming and I made the decision to stop all of my other dancing and concentrate 100% on Kizomba. During that time I have studied, trained, danced, performed, travelled, and read everything and anything I can find to master this art form. It has been an incredibly cathartic and inspirational 3 years, and here is so much more to learn.

Teaching Kizomba is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I get to share this beautiful art with people, and watch their transformations they become more connected and grounded within themselves. Somewhere along the way I forgot the golden rule of teaching. ALWAYS BE THE STUDENT. Being the student means failure, and making mistakes. It means embracing this knowing that on the other side of that is growth. If we always keep our teacher hat on, even when social dancing, that is PERFECTIONISM. Everyone makes mistakes, and that is perfect.

To all of the teachers or community leaders out there struggling with inspiration or motivation, there is always more in the barrel, you just have to nurture it out. Take time for your own practice, collaborate with people, work diligently on silencing your pessimistic voice. For all of the independent dancers and teachers of the world, not backed by a school or institution, nurture yourself twice as much. When you are the only person you can rely on for every facet of your craft and business, it is more important than ever to come back to your truth and our purpose.

Teaching is the art of giving and listening at the same time, remember to give and listen to yourself i abundance as well.

Scrolling through facebook you will only ever see full classes, smiling faces and glamorous costumes. Sometimes it’s important to open up and be real about what’s happening behind those red curtains. We all know the entertainment world is not all glitz and glam. It is an industry fuelled by incredibly passionate, determined strong people. Show your gratitude and support to your local community. To all of the artists out there struggling to keep the flow going, I see you, KEEP GOING.

Love and Light <3

~Genevieve Rogan ~