The Kizomba Conversation

A Kizomba Conversation



After a long writer's block, many long walks and long coffees, the inspiration has finally hit to open the conversation again.


Generally when I feel a writer's block, that's just a nice way of saying I am having a life block. Because when you think about it, having conversations and sharing stories is our natural state of wellbeing


So, on one of the aforementioned long walks with my partner we stopped at a spectacular lookout in the blue mountains. The sun had dipped below the eucalypts blue hills, leaving a fuzzy orange light and an exhilarating chill in the air. The whole universe seeed to go silent.


The holly quiet was broken by the blood curdling, manic screeches of what I can only assume was a gang of adolescent male cockatoos. They sprang from behind treetops, ruffling their yellow mohawks, as they glided on high pressure wind bursts , invisible to the naked eye but full of power, as they set the daredevil birds hurtling through the sky. More of the flock joined and their calls became more chaotic. They spoke over each other in call and response until they were yelling in such a frenzy I was absolutely convinced they had their own cockatoo language, knew exactly what they were saying to one another, and found it highly amusing to disturb the peaceful romantic moment of the two ant sized humans below them at the lookout.


Their calls buzzed in my ears as we walked the track back home. More subtle conversations came to life around us; little finches, bugs insects, all speaking together quietly, preparing for nightfall.


Conversation is everywhere. And at times it is those invisible, incomprehensible conversations which bring us the most joy and understanding.


Kizomba is my conversion of choice. It is incomprehensible and possibly very misinterpreted by the causal bystander. It is uniquely mine and at the same time beautifully universal. It has many dialects and can be understood in almost every country in the world. It is a conversation of peace, love, fun and understanding. And most importantly it can never be the same conversation twice.


Kizomba is a dance that has attracted thousands of the most unlikely and seemingly dissimilar people in the world. Kizomba has shown them through movement and music, a common language we all yearn to have and to give, connection.


What is it that makes Kizomba such a captivating conversation? And how can the dance reach its fullest potential?


For me when I feel the real, raw beauty of Kizomba, any structure of lead and follow melts away. And actually, most thoughts have been completely lost, because for a blissful ten minutes I have left my mind behind. I have tuned out the chatter of daily conversations, words and stories which do not serve me, and I have truly connected with my body. When I arrive at this state and my partner is free to do the same, I can then connect to the music.


Little sounds and lyrics stand out from the rest and find themselves popping or oozing through my body telling a new story. My partner does the same and I can connect with their story. When we reach this state my partner then disappears. The connection I am having is no longer with him or her, the connection doesn’t sit in the heart or the hara, the chest or the frame. The connection becomes with the universe. Here everything melts away. Judgement worry, thought, ego, sadness, whatever was there before, falls away, and I become the dance.


This is the beauty of Kizomba. It is an infinite conversation you can have with no common language or earthly understanding. Soon these things will not matter, and you will become the dance together.






© ~ Written by Genevieve Rogan ~




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