What is a Women's Circle?

What is a women's circle ??


What do you think of then you hear of a women's circle? Do you conjure up images of cauldrons and dancing around a fire pit somewhere in a forest clearing? Or maybe you imagine a painfully uncomfortable circle of oversharing with strangers? Or perhaps even some bizzare sexual encounter?


Well, from my experience a women's circle is none of the above. A women’s circle is something unique and changing, no two circles will ever be the same, and no circle will be experienced the same way by any of the women present. It is a real and living thing. And that thing is the power of vulnerability, listening, sisterhood, and ancient wisdom shared between a group of women who may or may not know each other.


A women's circle can be pure magic and extremely healing. What actually happens in a women's circle will depend entirely on the facilitator, the women attending, the space, the moon etc etc. It may be a sharing circle where women gather to talk and share experiences which have been joyful or painful for them. It may involve dancing, or chanting, or singing. It could be a crafting circle with vision boarding and manifesting. It could be a deep meditation. Really it can be anything that brings the circle of women together for a shared experience of sharing.


As women we are beautifully unique, and magically connected. We have unique experiences as women that when shared with other women can make us feel incredibly comforted, understood, and cared for. Many experiences such as child birth, contraception, abortion, cycles, abuse, dreams, creativity, motherhood, friendships, workplace issues etc may seem completely overwhelming to an individual. However, when shared in a safe space such as a women's circle, we come to understand our collective experiences as women, and how we can help and support each other through hard times, and celebrate the joyful times together.


Women are natural healers. Women have been sitting, dancing, weaving, talking and chanting together in circle since the beginning of time. One woman’s insight or gift may be exactly the help or inspiration needed by another woman and vice versa. The power of collective healing, manifesting, energy conjured up in a women's circle can be immense.


A women's circle doesn't have to be elaborate, it can be as simple as sitting together and talking about a shared idea or experience. It is the intention that makes the circle, and the input of every individual.


Thanks to organisations such as Red Tent, women circles and girls circles are becoming increasingly common again, and any left over stigma from times past is fading away.


If the thought of a women's circle has intrigued you, take the next step and find one in your local area, or create one yourself. Never underestimate the power of a circle of women sitting together.



~Genevieve Rogan~



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