Conoce tu sombra, como si fuera tu luz.

Urban Kiz choreography - Genevieve Rogan 

Dancers- Mary Luz, Rebecca Klars, Genevieve Rogan 

Location- Universidad de la Javeriana Bogota, Colombia


Kizomba Fusion Freestyle Demo - Genevieve Rogan 

DJ Leda - traffic


Secret Women's Business- Ladies Kizomba students 

Students- Elizabeth Ashby and Rhonda Tang, dancing our water element. 


Adriano E Genevieve demo at the Sydney International Bachata festival 2018.


"I took some classes with Genevieve in late 2017, and she helped fill in a lot of the my missing knowledge in the fundamentals of kizomba. I enjoyed her teaching style, her dance style and classes. She is somebody who I know is teaching for her love of dance, and is continually evolving as a teacher and dancer. Check out her classes." - RHONDA TANG

"Highly recommend going to Genevieve to learn body movement! I was able learn a lot with her in just one hour with her friendly, patient and easy to understand approach."- JESSICA VIDS



"Two left feet (well sort of) - dancing does not come naturally to me but having spent two years learning Salsa the team at Latin Junction had a taster session of Kizomba (with Genevieve and Armand) and I love it.

Not wanting to be left behind I had some private lessons with Genevieve and it really accelerated my learning to the extent that I could comfortably slot into Andy and Gen's intermediate classes (at Connection Studios) and now 'gulp' only a few months in and I'm going to do my first ever (dancing) performance.

I can't thank Gen enough for encouraging me to give Kiz a go, start regular classes and now get up on a stage. Her teaching style is amazing and intuitive - I could not recommend her enough to either a lead or follow. 
Well worth the money and you can learn and laugh all at the same time." - TIM RICE


"The private I had with Genevieve was absolutely amazing! Being relatively new to Kizomba and having no past dancing experience, I was struggling to get the bunda going. 
I can happily say that after working with Genevieve, the bunda is going strong and I'm feeling a lot more confident in my dancing. Thanks Gen!!" - LIZ BARRET (QLD)