Dancing Medicine Workshops with Helio Santos and Genevieve Rogan


Dancing Medicine Workshops with Helio Santos and Genevieve Rogan


Wednesday April 24th


Q2dance studios

DancingChange presents "Dancing Medicine Workshops", a special one off 2.5 hour dance healing workshop with International guest HELIO SANTOS (Cape Verde), and local dance artist Genevieve Rogan (Aus).

What is in store?

7.00pm-8.00pm~ Kizomba Ying workshop (Genevieve )

8.00pm-9.30pm ~ Dance Healing workshop (Helio)

About Helio and his workshop~~

"Connection is and has always been an important aspect of any dance, be it Kizomba(where it forms a major part of the dance), Salsa, Bachata or Tango.

Through Helio’s ‘Connection’ session, which is based on the concept of ‘Sibitchi Dance’, a concept he developed a few years ago,

Helio takes the dancer through a journey of self-awareness, a realisation, and an acknowledgment of the presence of the other.

‘Sibitchi’ which in Cape Verde (Helio’s home country) stands for a set of pebbles which represent a symbol of transformation of human suffering into creative energy.

It finds its origins in the rituals and dances of the slaves in Cape Verde during Colonisation. Dances that later formed a major part of Cape Verde’s culture.

Dancers that have experienced Helio’s connection session, have described it as an emotional, intense and deeply personal experience which seeks to lead the participants to express personal anxieties through dancing and singing.

An experience which leads you to be better, in life and in Dance"

About Genevieve and her workshop ~

KIZOMBA YING ~ The Kizomba Ying workshop is a chance for both men and women to delve into the concept of active surrender, trust and creativity and play within they Kizomba dance. This workshop is a colletion of interactive exercises and individual movement which is designed to open up your creative flow, and allow you to experience Kizomba in a more gentle, fluid and dreamy way. Genevieve has been dancing her whole life and is a professional artist and teacher from Sydney, Australia.

Her diverse dance background and training in dancing meditation and other energetic healing modalities allows her to facilitate dance workshops in a unique and creative way which allows the participants to feel a sense of calm and expansion after their experience. Genevieve's greatest passion is to help people feel more embodied and joyful through dance and movement.

Everyone is welcome regardless of your dance experience. If you have any questions please contact Genevieve ~ genevieverogandance@gmail.com


$60 for both workshops

Book online:


payment by cash at venue.


Pre booking is essential, please email genevieverogandance@gmail.com to confirm your place


You will find parking directly underneath the Paddington RSL or in the surrounding side streets.

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