The past few years have been wowsers full of both travel and dance. Rachell was blessed to join the talented casts of Phly Crew in their live show Phly Crew 2.0 and Dance Editorial’s Seven Vices Production. She was selected to be apart of Erica Sobol’s 2016 Gypsy Project in LA to work with choreographers from Forsyth Company, Nederlands Dans Theater and Kid Pivot.  

Joining the Groove Therapy family has been her greatest joy for 2017, it all started with a dance class at Lost Paradise, to life changing weekly classes and a trip down to perform at Melbourne Fashion Week. 

Rachell is currently teaching both children and adults dance around Sydney, whilst performing with beautiful event companies that support the community. Her last performances have been with the king and queens of the Dancehall world, including Sister Nancy, Beenie Man and Macka B. 

Last month she was thankful to perform at the Canberra Multi Cultural Festival on the African stage with Zagr and Jntyle. Then at the Secret Garden Festival and Mardi Gras with the epic Heaps Gay crew. 

Sharing is her passion, so she frequents the LA training grounds to expand her knowledge of movement and performance to improve what she can bring to the Sydney family.