What is the Women's Workshop Weekender?

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The women’s workshop weekender is a new and revolutionary dance event in Sydney. The spring edition will be held on the 6th and 7th of October at Q2 dance studios Paddington, Sydney! You are all invited ! So what exactly is this weekend all about?

CELEBRATION. First and foremost this weekend is about creating a beautiful ladies only space where we can CELEBRATE ourselves through the art of dance and sharing. We all know it can be difficult to factor in a whole weekend of self love/ self care/ self celebration time. But, it’s time ! With so many diverse dance styles you will be taken on a movement journey to express and explore all the different moods, grooves and ways your body likes to move. This weekend is all about having fun and feeling free.


COMMUNITY. This is more than just a dance event! At the beginning and closing of the event the beautiful Bree Rain of Red tent Australia will be taking us on a journey of Women’s circles. Women’s circles are a place to connect, first of all with yourself, and then with the people around you. This is a safe and healing environment where you can be free to feel exactly how you feel in the moment without judgement. This event is about bringing together women from diverse communities and dance communities to share our communal love for DANCE.

LEARNING. Learning a different style of dance can only be a good thing. This weekend is all about pushing our comfort zones and trying something new. It’s about learning and being inspired by the skills and grooves of others and sharing your own. Each new vocabulary you digest in your body can lead to so many new possibilities, allow you to feel new sensations, learn about yourself and improve your dance. By learning the dance of someone else we're literally stepping into someone else's shoes and dancing around in them! There is nothing more nurturing than that.

TOP TEACHERS. It is not often you will have such a diverse and talented lineup of teachers in the same room. Take advantage of it! Each of these ladies is extremely talented in both dancing and teaching and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Soak it up.

DANCING ALONE. Many of the styles of the weekender: Kizomba, Kiz fusion, Zouk and Bachata are partner dances. As many of us know the time and detail spent on the female role on partner dancing is usually limited, sometimes we forget how to play, or don’t have the vocabulary to express ourselves. This weekend is for you to get comfortable dancing alone, and learn how to play and express yourself with and without a partner.

PARTNER DANCING. For the solo dancers out there, I was you once, the thought of partner dancing held no appeal to me, because I just wanted to do my thing. But I was missing out on a whole lot of magic. The ladies classes in Bachata, kizomba and Zouk may give you a taste of something you really like, so much so you may like to jump into a partner dance class sooner than you thought.

The women’s workshop weekender is for everyone. Women of all ages are welcome. Come and join a beautiful community of like minded souls and basically dance your weekend away ! Have an amazing time and celebrate yourself !

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