What is SoulDance?


SoulDance is a concept developed by Genevieve based on her varied dance and movement experiences and training. The idea of SoulDance is that it is flexible and tailored specifically to the dancer. SoulDance works with the principals of dance as a healing tool and uses specific movement methodologies and rhythms to unlock a deep sense of peace and self discovery through movement.

SoulDance has a strong influence from varied African dances, most notably Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha (Angola), and Afro contemporary styles from Senegal and Guinea. SoulDance also incorporates modalities from ballet and contemporary dance with a focus on the breath, and deep body control principles to create a deep workout, and the opportunity to connect with oneself.

SoulDance balances the technical aspect of dance with room to move. There are always components of creativity, freeform movement or meditation to allow the dancer to really lose themselves in the music.

SoulDance is a beautiful practice for anyone looking to connect to themselves on a deeper level, explore and express themselves through dance, or find a new and challenging way to stay active.

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