Womens Workshop Weekender 2.0 - SPRING EDITION
to Oct 7

Womens Workshop Weekender 2.0 - SPRING EDITION


We had so much fun at the fist one, we have decided to keep the good vibes going, and expand our range even more ! The spring edition will have all the goodie of the last event + new artists, more workshops, 2 studios, a showcase, a market place and a party , and of course WOMEN'S CIRCLES. 

THE EVENT. This is much more than your regular dance event, the women workshop weekender is a ladies only mini dance retreat in the heart of Sydney. We will begin and close the event with women circle, allowing you a space to connect with yourselves and each other before and after embarking on your personal and dance journies over the weekender. 

THE INSTRUCTORS, are the literal embodiment of the dane they are teaching you, each of your teachers are not only extremely talented in their field, they ooze passion for their dance style, and will fill you with energy and push you out of your comfort zone in the best possible way. 

THE MARKET PLACE. Is a place for female entrepreneurs to share their work and projects with you :) If you would like to be involved in the market place PM me for details. 

THE SHOWCASE AND THE PARTY- This is going to be an awesome collaboration with Kizfusion with a party at Off broadway and a showcase by your teachers and their teams, to leave you with a lot of inspiration, and a dance floor to try your new found skills and sass, 

THE ROOMS- this time we have 2 rooms. 
1) Groove and soothe - This room is filled with dances from across the globe, each of them taking you on a unique movement experience. These classes are suitable for any dance level from extreme beginner to seasoned pros. 
2) Train with love- This room is about training your body, pushing your comfort zone and is for more intermediate/ advanced dancers who are looking for a weekend of dance, to up their skill level, and still feel the goodness of this event. It's all about pushing yourself with love. 

THE TICKETS- we have different ticket options to suit your lifestyle needs, however we encourage you to take the time our for yourself and immerse yourself in the whole weekend. Of course we understand life is up and down, this is a relaxed event, you can come and go at your leisure, listen to your body, and do what suits you. 

DONATION TICKETS- If you can't attend this event, but would still like to contribute, you can purchase a donation ticket online. These tickets will be given to women in low socioeconomic or vulnerable positions who would be otherwise unable to attend the event. Supporting the sisterhood goes a long way.

FULL DETAILS - full lineup and artist and schedule details will be coming out via the website www.dancingchange.com , stay tuned for more info ! 

TICKETS AVAILABLE: Early bird round 1 is now on sale, get your tickets at : 

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