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Secret Women's Business- Ladies Kizomba

Secret Women's Business is a nurturing, women only space where you can begin, or continue with your Kizomba journey ! 

We work on a variety of techniques and styling options including Kizomba, Tarraxinha, Semba and Urban kiz styles of body movement. 

Secret Women's business takes a holistic approach to dance and incoperates techniques form other modalities to increase your connectedness to your body, experiment with your own ginga and style, and develop skills as a follower. 

If you have never danced Kizomba before, and would like to try it first with ladies only, you are more than welcome. 

If you have already got some basics in Kizomba and would liek to learn more about body movement techniques and styling options. This is for you. 

For more information please see: 


When : 4 week term starting 9th Arpil
Cost : 4 weeks = $60
Casual : $20
What to bring: Yourselves, some water, and a scarf to wrap around your waist. Heels are not necessary, however bring them if you wish. 

Please register at before the 9th of Arpil :) 

Cannot wait to dance with you all ♥

Earlier Event: 15 April
Kizomba Easter Immersion (Brisbane)